Common myths about pregnancy

When you get pregnant, you will hear a lot of myths, someone will suggest that "eating sweets is an indicator of the baby is a girl" and spreading superstitions like this between the people is very normal because of the period of pregnancy is long and nothing to do, so let's go to know some myths about pregnancy, are they true or not? Here we will discuss five myths about pregnancy but with medical evidence so after reading this article, please take a look at the recourses.

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  • The first myth

  • The mother who is suffering from heartburn, her baby will come with a hairy body.

    A lot of studies were done on this myth, but one of them was very impressive, which applied on 28 pregnant women with heartburn, and after following up during the pregnancy period and after the labor, the doctors saw that there is a relation between the heartburn and the baby hair.

    But what's the reason behind this?

    The hidden reason is, during the pregnancy, there are hormones that are secreted from the mother's body, these hormones are affecting two organs in the pregnancy. The first one is the "pyloric sphincter", which is responsible for closing the stomach to prevent the release of acidic juice from inside to outside, and the pregnancy hormones relax the sphincter causing heartburn sensation.

    The same hormones increase the rate of hair body growth of the baby, so this myth isn't superstition, so let's go the second one.

  • The second myth

  • You can know the gender of the baby form his heart rate.

    There is a section of people who says that they can predict the gender of their baby from its heart rate if the rate is high this reflects that the baby is a girl, and vice versa.
    So here we should explain that "there is not any relation between the gender and the heart rate because the heart rate of the baby differs during the months of the pregnancy"
    For example: at the beginning of the pregnancy till the 5th week the rate is near to the heart rate of his mother, it's about 85 beats per minute, after that start to increase till the 9th week and it's about 160-200 beats per minute, finally it is stable around 120-140 beats per minute during the rest of pregnancy till the labor.
    So we can't predict the gender from the heart rate.
  • The third myth

  • The women should eat double amount during pregnancy:

    When the gynecologists follow up the diet routine of the pregnant women, they said that:

    As we know the pregnancy consists of 3 trimesters, in the first trimester there is no extra food needed, but in the second trimester, the mother should add 320 extra calories to her diet, and in the third trimester, she should add another 450calories extra to her diet, but she must take care of the type of the food, not just the amount of it, and she has to avoid overeating also.

  • The fourth myth

  • The mother who eats sweets a lot, her fetus will be a girl.

    The sugar craving reflects that "the mother is suffering from minerals deficiency"

    There are a lot of studies that told us there is no relation between the gender of the baby and the sugar craving, but this sense appears from the low levels of minerals and vitamins like Iron, Iodine, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12.

  • The fifth myth

  • The pregnancy means rest all the time and no exercise.

    When your wife get pregnant especially in the first time, you told her immediately: no exercise anymore, because movement will harm our baby, that's definitely wrong, after a survey which made between the gynecologists, 97% of them agree with exercise for pregnant woman, even she live a sedentary life, because this will make pelvic muscles stronger.

  • Finally

  • in this article we showed you 5 myths about pregnancy, may you heardsome of them before or not, but now you know clearly the meaning of what youheard, so not every information you hear is correct, your baby health is veryimportant, so take care of any advice and try to give your fetus a lot of lovebefore he comes and after.

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