Environmental Effects of COVID 19

COVID 19 has indeed changed the dynamics of the world in many ways. Many changes that have occurred due to this disease would have otherwise taken years to take place. One of the most important changes is the environmental changes taking place.

  • Environment before Corona Virus :

  • The mother earth had been going through a lot before the Virus crises. The pollution was on the rise. The temperature was rising and above all Ice was melting at a faster rate like never before. After the 2008-9 financial crises, the never moved towards rapid industrialization. The cost of this industrialization was the environment, about which the world never thought about. The ozone layer was depleting. There was a water crisis which was starting across some countries. There was a more frequent drought situation but no one cared about it. Recently, a climate change conference was held to take action to protect the environment by taking joint measures but it was not attended by top leaders.
    Some Facts:
    1.  The worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030.
    2. The 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years.
    3. More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction by climate change. Half the amphibians have already been extinct.
    4. Climate change is happening and it is determinantal to human life. Rising temperature coupled with the growing number of people has led to increasing heat-related death.
    5. Countries contributing most to global emissions have the best chance of curbing climate change, but leaders are doing little to address it.
    6. Increased ocean temperature is affecting the sea life and ecosystems habituated there. The rise in global sea levels is shrinking our land, causing mass floods and freak weather incidents across the world. If we continue as we are, the world will suffer irreversibly.
  • Environment changes during COVID-19

  • Covid 19 has slowed down many environmental factors that led to its destruction. There has been less pollution overall. The temperature is stabilizing. Aminals are taking their place back. Many rare animals have been roaming in many wildlife videos. River and lakes have never been cleaner as in the case of Italy. This all happened due to worldwide lockdowns as a result of which people are staying more at home. So there is no traffic on the road , as a result, less fuel used, less carbon monoxide emitted. 

    In China, the emission pollutants fell 25% as compared to the same period of the previous year. China is the biggest producer of pollutants. Its largest coal power plant is producing 50% less pollution.

    This clearly shows that Covid 19 has bought many significant changes that would otherwise be nearly impossible to occur. This shows the decrease in pollution around Europe.

    This demographic representation of the decrease in the pollution around the world.

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