Artificial Intelligence, working and impact.

In this article, we have an overview of artificial intelligence. It has been a controversial topic so let's see how it works and how it is making our life easier. Simple examples are included in this writing to help non technical readers understand the field and its working.

  • What is A.I?

  • Artificial intelligence has been a controversial topic for so many years. Many people believe that it is good and beneficial for the humankind but others believe that it can be harmful to us. This thinking fed by and still getting fed by movies and stories of how artificial intelligence took control and wiped out humans off of the face of the earth. Movies are cool but what is artificial intelligence and how it works? Today we will be talking about different aspects of artificial intelligence and how it works. Artificial intelligence can simply be described as intelligence of a machine or a computer which allows them to think like humans. It can learn from the surroundings and also can learn from the past incidents to take decisions for the future situations. It allows a system to create the most viable solution with the reasonable allocation of resources and consumption of time. In any field of work, allocation of resources is very important. Over allocation can be harmful to the any company. Artificial intelligence is the key to make the calculated decisions with precision to save time and over allocation of resources. Systems which can be a simple coffee maker or can be a nuclear site, can be programmed with artificial intelligence to do the work properly and on time. There is a very little chance of mistakes in the field of artificial intelligence because everything is coded and follows a predefined pattern. A.I systems are coded to make decisions based on data which is collected by observing the past and present. Your coffee maker will start preparing coffee for you every morning at eight o clock if you drink coffee at eight fifteen. This is how A.I is programmed, to collect data from the past and make the decisions so you do not have to put on the coffee and can do something productive without any worries. A.I can also collect data from the present and utilize it like self-driving cars. Self-driving cars can read the oncoming traffics or pedestrians and then process this data to make the decision of slowing down, turning or stay on lane. Now let us come to the big questions like how artificial intelligence will impact us? If you are worried about use of artificial intelligence in your daily life then let me tell you that you are already using it in your daily life. For a second, look at your mobile keyboard. After every word you type, it gives you a suggestion for the next suitable word. If you buy a new phone then it will give you suggestions not according to your own word pattern but after sometime you will notice that words which will show up in your suggestion are the words which you use. You can make whole sentences just by pressing the suggested words and it will look exactly like your typing style. This is the work of A.I which observed your typing data and then processed it for the future use. Now it is assisting you to communicate with other people. This is just a simple A.I system which is making your life easier, bigger and better systems are working on whole bigger levels to make your life easier and safer. A.I systems can be produced and trained to carry out different tasks of different complexity by using a range of programming languages. Programmers favorite language to make A.I systems is python because it includes a wide range of libraries which help the programmer. A.I follows the rules which the programmer tells it to by the coding. If a programmer tells it to never make the coffee on Sundays then it will register the Sunday as no coffee day. You do not have to worry about the coffee maker on Sunday. Same as that, if a programmer tells it to not to hurt a human being then it will not hurt any human being so there ends your worries about the overthrow of humanity and rise of the machines. In simple words, A.I can be trained to help us a lot in our daily life by carrying out small and big tasks. There will be small hurdles in the start but sooner or later we will come over them to create safer and efficient systems. Rules and regulations can be set by officials to ensure that no A.I system is used with a harmful intent.
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